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The Biggest Hackathon in Kota City

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Join the ultimate hackathon for developers of all skill levels!

Hack your way to success at HackTheChain 2.0!

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Introduction of HackTheChain 2.0

Welcome to HackTheChain 2.0, the biggest hackathon in Kota City, presented by the Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota (IIIT Kota) in association with Codebase IIIT Kota. This hybrid event will be held on Devfolio with a prize pool of ₹1,50,000.

The hackathon unfolds in two thrilling rounds - Round 1 (Code Submission) is scheduled from February 16th to 18th, 2024, offering participants the opportunity to dive into project code submissions, engage in quizzes, and partake in various fun activities. The excitement peaks in Round 2 (Final Project Showcase) on February 23rd, 2024, where participants present their revolutionary ideas to a panel of judges, eagerly awaiting the announcement of results on the same day.

It serves as a dynamic platform for students nationwide to converge, exhibit their talents, and glean insights from industry experts within a competitive and collaborative framework. Our aim is to nurture innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills while fostering a culture of collaboration and community development.

Our hackathon is unique in that it offers participants two different tracks to choose from: the Blockchain Track and the Open-to-All Track. In the Blockchain Track, participants will have the opportunity to build decentralized applications and explore the full potential of blockchain technology. In the Open-to-All Track, participants are free to explore any domain of their choosing and can build web or mobile applications, data analysis tools, or anything else they can think of.

HackTheChain is more than just a hackathon; it's an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, gain valuable experience, and win exciting prizes. We provide participants with access to cutting-edge tools and technology, mentorship from industry experts, and a supportive community to help bring their ideas to life.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of coding, learning, and fun. Register now and become a part of the HackTheChain 2.0 community!


Rules and Guidelines

Our tech hackathon is a melting pot of visionaries, and its purpose is as clear as day: to shape the future. Whether you're a coding genius, a design maverick, or a concept wizard, you'll have the chance to transform your ideas into reality. Solving real-world problems, pushing the boundaries of technology, and creating solutions that can change the world, that's what we're all about!

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Prizes and Rewards

Highlight of the prizes or rewards for winners and for participants.

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Prizes and Rewards

Highlight of the prizes or rewards for winners and for participants.

  • silver medal



    Prize Cash


    Rewards Worth


  • gold medal



    Prize Cash


    Rewards Worth


  • bronze medal



    Prize Cash


    Rewards Worth



HackTheChain 2.0 hackathon is honored to have the following major companies as its sponsors


  • Devfolio LOGO


  • Solana LOGO



Other Sponsors

  • taskade LOGO
  • InterviewBuddy LOGO

Campus Partners

  • GDSC RTU Kota
  • Cyber Security Amity
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Judging Criteria Key attributes

  • Innovation and Creativity:

    Judges will evaluate the originality of the project, including the use of new technologies and the ability to solve a problem in a new way

  • Technical Ability :

    Judges will evaluate the technical ability of the team, including the ability to use new technologies and the ability to solve problems.

  • Impact and Relevance:

    Judges will evaluate the potential impact the project can have on the industry or society in general.

  • User Experience :

    Judges will evaluate the user experience of the project, including how well the team presents and demonstrates.

  • Presentation:

    Judges will evaluate how well the team presents and demonstrates the project, including how well the team presents and demonstrates.

  • Completion:

    Judges will evaluate the quality of the code, including code structure, documentation, and best coding practices.

  • Code Quality:

    Judges will evaluate the quality of the code, including code structure, documentation, and best coding practices.

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Frequently Asked


We got answers to the questions that you might want to ask about HackTheChain 2.0

Can I participate remotely?
HackTheChain 2.0 is a hybrid event, so you can participate from anywhere in the world!

I am a beginner, can I participate?
Yes, absolutely! HackTheChain 2.0 is open to participants of all skill levels, including beginners. It's a great opportunity to learn and gain experience, meet new people, and work on a fun project. We encourage everyone to participate, regardless of their experience level.

How much does it cost to participate?
HackTheChain 2.0 is completely free to participate in. All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

What is the maximum team size?
The maximum team size is 4 members. You can form a team with your friends or you can join a team with other participants.

How to register for HackTheChain 2.0?
You can register for HackTheChain 2.0 by registering on Devfolio. You can find the link to register on the home page.

Can I participate without a team?
Yes, you can participate without a team. You can join a team with other participants or you can form a team with your friends.

Is HackTheChain 2.0 only for blockchain developers?
No, HackTheChain 2.0 is not only for blockchain developers. Although it has a track related to blockchain, it is an open hackathon and welcomes participants from all backgrounds and skill levels.

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